Returning to physical activity after covid-19

Article from The BMJ : Returning to physical activity after covid-19

The BMJ is defined by its mission: to work towards a healthier world for all.

“Our professional experience suggests that, after mild suspected covid-19, a proportion of people experience a prolonged recovery, particularly when trying to return to exercise. Moreover, there is increasing recognition of potential long term complications of covid-19, including enduring illness (“post-acute” or “long” covid), cardiopulmonary disease, and psychological sequelae in some people.1234 This article offers a pragmatic approach to help patients safely return to physical activity after symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection, focusing on those who have lost fitness or had a prolonged period of inactivity but who do not have an enduring post-acute covid-19 illness. It is based on current evidence and consensus statements, and our own multidisciplinary experience in sports and exercise medicine, rehabilitation, and primary care.”


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